How to identify an Naricissist

Basically, we humans are only equal in one point: We would all like to be somehow special. Just different from the others. Better. Unfortunately, there are very few people who are actually somehow special. And none, who are better than the others.

Those, who are special, are especially special, because they are - unlike the ordinary mortals - firmly convinced of the fact, that they are really very special. Not to say: Exceptionally special and above all so absolutely unique. That's why those people feel such exceptionally great discomfort, when they are dealt with in the plural. Should You feel touched now, be assured: It is always about Pluralis Majestatis. You may feel addressed personally.

But who is he now, the Narciss?

We are talking about a question which cannot be treated in a short roundabout.

In no case.

If only because Narcissus encounters us in so many facets as no other species of the genus human does. Many of them are, for example, socially well recognized and highly appreciated. Especially because they are rich, famous, important and powerful. Not so much because they are particularly friendly or notably empathetic. But by no means, as so often flippantly claimed, all Narcissists are slippery blenders, ice-cold calculating makers, career-horny disgusting persons, greedy and exclusively concerned with their own advantage. In fact, there is a subcategory that stands out for its self-sacrificing care. According to the maxim: I will help this grandma across the street. Even if she would prefer to stay comfortably in her wheelchair.

Narcissists - common features

There are certain common features shared by all Narcissists. You can usually recognize them by their hungry gaze, which is continuously wandering around, searching. The greed of the hunters flashes in their eyes. Not even furtively, but rather unconcealed. They pick up the sense of smell, scraping restlessly with their paws. They lurk their prey and circle it - always ready to jump ...

But that's far from everything because, of course, a genuine Narcissist still holds back a few more tricks in his repertoire: There is the wolf in sheep's clothing. No one better mimes the helpless victim. Nobody looks at You wide-eyes so convincingly and innocent, begging pleadingly for care and attention. And so we are right in the middle of our essay about the most contradictory, but at the same time the simplest of all human-like creatures on Earth. This is mainly because Narcissus is simply supernatural and somehow unearthly. Or subterranean? Depending on the point of view.