spiderman 2478977 640What can we learn from Narcissists?

At first glance, every reasonable mortal would probably spontaneously assert:


Anyway, nothing that is crowned somehow by interpersonal success and certainly not in a long run. But at second glance, there actually are a lot of things that You can learn.

Narcissus teaches us the perfect styling for every stage of life. Take, for example, this Hungarian violinist from the state theatre who is well known throughout the city. He has grown quite old by now, but is still of respectable figure. He enters even the swimming pool only dramaturgically carefully thought out: The conceivable tight fit of his signal red swimming trunks guarantee the undivided attention of all other bathers. Thanks to decades of disciplined practice, he can simulate the applause in his mind. No, the Narcissist never puts his light under the bushel!

  • A lot of people are rather reserved and prefer to hide in the second or third row. But, if You want to move forward in life, You cannot help but to follow one of the top rules: Always squeeze Yourself into the front row, even if You have to shove away someone if necessary.

  • When You attend a meeting, always raise Your hand at the right moment. Even if the speaker has not finished his sentence yet. In any case, before someone else does. Even if You do not even know what to say. In short, practice in impression management. Make great fanfare. Drop meaningful names and, if You have no idea what to do or say at all, just behave in a mysterious way.

  • If, contrary to all expectations, You make a mistake and anyone dares to mention it, never humble Yourself! Talk about a "regrettable misunderstanding". Thus You elegantly put the blame on Your opponent and accuse him at least a little bit of complicity, and if he has a spark of decency at all, he will keep his mouth shut in the future.

  • Are there any problems? Do it like the Narcissist. Ignore them. Someone will take care of that. Just sit it out. Let any criticism drip off Your shiny facade. Mindfulness and compassion? Softening tablets for sissies! As long as You do not notice nothing, no one can tell You anything.

rules Narcissists - 20 golden rules: 15 - 20

  1. Practice the patience of a saint, be accommodating without any restriction. Give everything. Signal submission in case of conflict. But be aware that You will never get out of the role of submission for the rest of Your life. Which is, however, amusing only for people who are seeking for combat relationships or at least a milder variant of sadomasochism.

  2. Take everything, including the thrill and the drama, but refuse persistently, to be shaken or hurt. Counter attacks sometimes work very well, but should be reserved for special occasions, so that their placement achieve the optimum effect and do not fizzle out due to frequent repetition. Use this weapon only if the Narcissus, for example, intends to leave You. Otherwise, keep composure. Counter with emotional coldness. Responds with demonstrative ennui.

  3. Always remember: Satisfaction of all kinds for Your own needs can also be found outside of Your relationship. However, pay attention at any rate! Maintain absolute discretion and strict secrecy, so that You do not offend Your Narcissist.

  4. Keep in mind: There is at least one good reason why You got involved with Your Narcissist or not yet separated from him. After all, a relationship with him certainly has specific advantages. So whenever You are unhappy just consider all the good things he gives You.

  5. If You came to the conclusion that You should change something in Your life just because a Narcissist criticized You, You have fallen into one of his most perfidious traps. Because whatever You do now, it is wrong anyway. Even if it is exactly what the Narcissist told You to do. Unfortunately everything You have done was completely wrong. No chance. In any case, You can only choose the right strategy if Narcissus is in a gracious mood. Even then, his benevolence usually lasts only a very short time.

  6. Existence, as You know it, is over. He will add Your distinctiveness to his own. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

Narcissus and Psyche - Pig fliesNarcissists - 20 golden rules: 6 - 14

  1. Never come up with a comment, which could call into question his ego, his omnipotence and omniscience, his infallible judgment, his ability or professional success. Always remember, bad sentences start with "You made a mistake..."

  2. Never mention the fact that You are an independent, autonomous individual. Do not even think about it. Bow to the inevitable and consider Yourself as his Ego-Extension, whose raison d'être is merely to assure him of his grandiosity.

  3. If the Narcissus is in conflict-mode, get out of his way for at least two days (Better: The rest of Your life, but that is unfortunately usually not practicable). Because there are good chances that he has found another victim until then, as he must let off steam very prompt.

  4. Do not even think about the absurd idea to play spurious games with him. The Narcissist masters the art of playing games even better. Finally, he determines the rules.

  5. Do not cherish any illusions: You can not capture or change Your Narcissist. Of course, You can pile up a mountain of arguments and thus try to make him aware of his behavior. You can scream, scratch or bite just as well. The Narcissist will only turn away enervated, or maybe offer You an armistice agreement, so that You finally leave him alone. But only to mock Your childish behavior at the earliest opportunity. Nothing is as relative as the state of truce with a Narcissist and never forget: In the end You are always the bad guy!

  6. Harmony You will search in vain when You are in a relationship with a Narcissist. Even if he assures You plausibly, that there is nothing that would mean more to him.

  7. Listen attentively to the Narcissist, even if You do not believe a word. Agree with him entirely. Occasional gestures and sounds of admiration never hurt. If You have any concerns or questions, take advantage of small breathing spaces in the text to accommodate those. Narcissus particularly appreciate it when petitioners present themselves stimulating, humorous, charming and submissive. Appeal to his sense for the unusual and his blossoming imagination, because he does not forgive You if You subchallenge or even bore him.

  8. Offer him something he does not get anywhere else. Always be well prepared and keep a well-stocked pantry ready with plenty of food for his Narcissistic needs. Because You will not remain to be the source of his need satisfaction for very long. If You ever were.

  9. Take over the role of his dealer. Do not hesitate to get him everything that satisfies his Narcissistic needs. He is addicted to the drug, so You can easily get him hooked and finally make him completely dependent on You. That, however, that makes it a bit harder later to go on the run, if You have had enough someday.

rulesThe Art of Dealing with Narcissists – The Rules 

Basically, there is only one effective and reasonable rule for dealing with high-carat Narcissists:

Keep safety distance!

However, this rule can not be implemented in real life, because Narcissists run into us everywhere and all the time: Some of our colleagues, bosses, friends and relatives are always Narcissistic. That’s why we need more specific rules. Let's take a closer look at the whole matter.

So, if You just want to survive in the jungle or, even further and against any better knowledge, enter into a relationship with a Narcissist or maintain an existing partnership, then You should keep some important things in mind. May be, they do not seem very attractive to You, but the game works that way and not otherwise. And isn’t it at least comforting to know that the Narcissist is not only calculating, but also quite predictable? 

20 golden rules that You should take to heart with Narcissists 1 - 5:

  1. Do not get too close to him. This is considered an invasion into enemy territory and will promptly answered with a devastating counter-strike.
  2. Appear to be very impressed by all the things he personally attaches importance to: his professional achievements, his attractive appearance, his success with the opposite sex etcetera. (Also and especially if none of this is true)
  3. Never restrict a Narcissist. Do not reject his demands, even if they are total absurd. Promise him everything. With some luck, he'll forget it.
  4. Banalities like real life are irrelevant and, at best, exist to emphasize his grandiosity.
  5. If there are things that need to be done, convey it to the Narcissist, as if it were his own, extraordinarily brilliant idea. Illustrate as vividly as possible, what advantages (wealth, fame, honor, etc.) result from it in a way, that those literally jump into his face, because he does not understand to read between the lines.


Some of the rules below are particularly noteworthy because they stem from the pen of hardcore Narcissist Sam Vaknin, who has been widely praised elsewhere. The use is at Your own risk. The author assumes no liability for consequential damages.


Freud SofaIs Narcissism treatable?

Life offers many opportunities of personal development. The Narcissist, however, does not use any of them. Ordinary people can be protected from themselves to a certain degree. A genuine Narcissist not at all.

The Narcissus does not want to be helped. Counseling is for normal mortals. He knows how life works. Therapy? He is not sick. So he does not need a cure either. After all, he has got no psychological strain. The others do. The Narcissist at best insists, that his hypochondriac ailments are alleviated and, if necessary, physical defects, such as aging, are being repaired.

But sometimes it may happen to him that, because of his incompatible personality structure, his social environment and his livelihood get lost. Then, at least from a certain age onward, he might feel a little uncomfortable. To be precise, it is increasing PANIC.

What to do if the elixir of life runs dry?

Loss of social environment and livelihood lead to a deficit situation with regard to his elixir of life: The constantly babbling sources of Narcissistic need satisfaction are in danger of drying up. In this case it can in fact happen that Narcissus might force himself to go into the repair mode. However, exclusively with really tried-and-trusted luminaries. Even in the face of the greatest despair, the best is just good enough for a Narcissist.

At least until he scratches off the paint on the surface. Because he scents potential attacks on his person three miles against the wind. Even if the other person does not intend anything bad at all. The Narcissist himself is his very best enemy and critic, even if he does not notice, but is trying to blame others for all his evil thoughts.

But that's not a big deal for a tried-and-trusted luminary, because the real Narcissus is irreparable anyway. The selected expert can just lean back with a good conscience, look out the window and twiddle his thumbs. At best, it comes down to a few visual corrections on the facade. That's why the job of a luminary would be unbearable without a decent dose of narcissism…

AllisvanitySic transit gloria mundi: Thus passes the Glory of the World

With increasing age, however, the charisma of the Narcissist decreases significantly, unless he is rich, powerful and important. Then his charisma also decreases, but not the radiance of his function, power or money. This is mainly due to the fact that ordinary mortal fellow human beings, in contrast to him, do gain some life experience and can no longer be dazzled by the Narcissist's outer splendor to the same degree. 

In addition, even Narcissists are subject to a natural aging process, even if they stubbornly deny that in general and work against time with all conceivable means. Unfortunately, not a single case is known in which Botox and Scalpel have contributed to more salvation and charisma. 

Life is not funny!

The Narcissist is rarely very happy with life, but for him that's no reason to question himself. Because for everything that goes wrong, others are responsible anyway.

Although Narcissus basically implies that others envy him for being so great, his existence is not really better or even more funny than the life of ordinary people. Just a lot more exhausting. Not only does he have to keep pretending how much fun he has in his dull life (definitely more than anyone else), somehow he has to convince everyone else, that he does really have more fun than anyone else. And, moreover, it is damn hard to keep Your ego up to date and constantly prove to Yourself that You're a valuable person.

The only advantage of his life actually is that he could lead a carefree life basically, because, due to its exploitative nature, he usually understands very well to accumulate money. But the Narcissist has completely different concerns. Especially when he sometimes gets a glimpse of the real reality and is becoming aware, that wealth, power and reputation do not make him any happier. All of this is dripping from his shiny shell, but unfortunately does never arrive in his innermost self. He remains empty as ever and starves to death before the dazzling mirage that he himself has created.

Karl Lagerfeld & ChoupetteTwo dominant Narcissists, can that really work?

What, if both of them are dominant Narcissists? That’s absurd! Could there be another sun next to the only one in our solar system? Or maybe a second god beside the Almighty? That would inevitably lead to a schism. Or to a pole shift. In any case, a veritable catastrophe with completely unpredictable consequences.

A fusion of two hardcore Narcissists can not work out, of course. Except maybe in an extramarital relationship and even then only temporarily, because one of them always must to be up.

relationshipThe Co-Narcissist - a pouting rebel

The Co-Narcissist could, yes. If only he wanted. But for what? Besides, the Narcissist does not let him anyway. Which means if something goes wrong he is to blame for it. One day the others will understand that, too. Until then he just contents himself with a few sparks of the Narcissist’s radiance.

After all, not everything a Narcissist does is bad. And because the Co-Narcissist always feels a little smaller than he actually is, he often hides his light under a bushel. His modesty makes him quite sympathetic. At least, he's not such a big-mouthed actor as Narcissus and never blurts straight.

Narcissit and Co-NarcissistNarcissist & Co - a Perfect Fusion

The Co-Narcissist is the doer in secrecy, the puppeteer who pulls the strings, the great manipulator behind the scenes that makes Narcissus appear gloriously on any stage like a deus ex machina. 

At least that's what he wants to be. Because he suffers from the Ideal World Syndrome and therefore transfigures his Narcissist to an idol. Narcissus finally owns everything that he himself lacks. Yes. Even his worst mistakes, of which he thinks he has got only too many, are ennobled to glorious merits by the mere presence of a Narcissist. His little world will only gain a touch of perfection when he merges to a perfect unity with his Narcissist.

Which rarely succeeds in real life.

android cyborgThe Co-Narcissist

A Co-Narcissist generally is far more affable and compliant than a Narcissist would be. But a Narcissist is a Narcissist is a Narcissist. 

Just because someone naturally tends to submission, suffers with pleasure and bows to adverse circumstances without complaint, for example because it often seems much easier and more convenient (at least at first glance), does not automatically make him a better person. The good just like the evil is to be found in pure form rather rarely. Except maybe psychopaths and angels. Otherwise, here again as almost always in real life the old rule applies:

The dose makes the poison.

AndroidThe ideal Co-Narcissist

The ideal Co completes the Narcissist perfectly and represents everything he needs most in the current phase of life. His or her main role is to shine as a decorative accessory besides Narcissus, who urgently requires someone to carry his botty behind him and otherwise stands out through servility which borders on nonexistence. 

That's what most celebrity marriages fail to do. If, for example, the accessory suddenly suddenly forces itself into the limelight and neglects its duties towards the Narcissist. The perfect solution would be an individually programmable Android anyway. As in the miraculous story of E.T.A. Hoffmann, which happened at those days when women were systematically breeded to be Co-Narcissists, which was the case about until the middle of the 20th century:

Ape SelfieNarcissus and monogamy

The relationship structure of the Narcissist is also due to the fact that monogamy did not develop until a rather late phase of evolution and is still established only among male with low social status. It did not yet gain ground among Alpha male. Or those who believe to be. Should Narcissus exceptionally remain loyal to someone for a long time, then only for lack of alternative opportunities or because of the threat of grave sanctions, especially those which could damage his image. 

Speaking of social status: The Narcissus is seeking suitable partners. Which means: Partners who are inferior in respect of intelligence, education and social background. There is a very simple reason for that preference: You can control them better and manipulate them easier. This has clear advantages. For both.


Narcissistic relationships

Anyway, relationships with a Narcissist are a fairly relative affair, because constant happiness does not correspond to his nature. It's simply too unspectacular. In addition, Narcissus is an unfaithful rodent by nature. Even if, in the frenzy of the first infatuation, he claims the contrary (and probably believes in it at least for the very moment). It's not just about sex or mundane things. But he really suffers greatly, when his elixir of life runs dry, and the constantly rippling source of admiration, recognition and idealization is no longer bubbling abundantly but drips only hesitantly

Narcissist MirrorNarcissist and unconditional love

The Narcissist is in search of unconditional love. Means: The Narcissist is looking for the love of a person who satisfies his needs unconditionally. That's why he usually lives in symbioses. Either

a) with himself and a mirror or

b) with a Co-Narcissist, in which he continuously reflects.

Stan and OllieInseparable – the Narcissist & his co

The two are happy to make a couple because they complement each other perfectly. There are some items that connects them intimately to each other: The exaggerated need for recognition, a lack of self-esteem, their twisted logic, the non-existent perception and the high art of defense mechanisms. Otherwise, they would not be able to spend more than three days together. The Narcissist and his partner are definitely on one wavelength - that one of the Narcissist.

From his point of view, there is only one relevant criterion of evaluation for everything that others do or leave: His own needs. Somehow he suspects that other people have different needs than he has. That's just why he is the way he is. He does not find it logical and certainly not convincing that the needs of others deviate from his own.

Don QuixoteThe greatest fear of a Narcissist: To be Nothing

Anyone who knows Narcissus a little bit better will sometimes find himself peculiarly touched by the fact, that he does not really know him. And probably will never really get to know him. Because there is nothing to get to know. Besides, the Narcissist does not want others to get to know him. Because getting to know each other is accompanied by such awful things as proximity.

There is hardly a better small talker than the Narcissist. He likes to chat, but without any further obligation. He likes to tell jokes and anecdotes and he loves to share gossip about others. But he does not reveal anything about himself. There is a simple reason for that:

There is nothing to tell. Really nothing at all. 

clownDo Narcissists possess a sense of humor?

There are moments in life that can only be mastered successfully if You are able to refrain from laughing. For example, as a funeral director or professional politician. In fact, sometimes You are even better off if You don#t possess any sense of humor. Then You never have to hide laughing and all the world thinks, You are probably very intelligent and above all so confident. In this case the Narcissist has a clear advantage.

No matter which field he devotes himself to, he does it with relentless gravity. Narcissists can provide something similar to humor. However, self-irony is rather rare and, if there is one, it pursues only one goal: the strengthening of one's own ego.

Chameleon Narcissus and the real kind

However, among those aliens there are often influential decision-makers of our society who hold important functions. That's why the increasing misunderstanding for the real life, whose destinies they are governing, is a trifle fatal for the real kind. And above all, an almost inexhaustible source of mistakes.

alien invasionGlobal Narcissism Pandemia

If a Narcissist climbs the show stage, it may well be because he is gifted. In fact this case is quite rarely. His mere gift usually is his extraordinary talent to compensate his lack of talent through excessive ambition.

His Narcissistic structure is reciprocally proportional to his talent, competence and expertise according to the simple formula:

The less talented, the more Narcissistic.

320px Graz Opernhaus Zuschauerraum Blick zur BühneNarcissus and the drama link

Real life is hell. It basically consists of sleeping, eating and working, eating, sleeping and working etc. Occasionally sex. In random order. Some people can even get along completely without work or sex. 

True Narcissists can’t stand this paradisaical state for more than three days without falling into a deep depression. Therefore, they found a little but very effective trick to sweeten banality.

Narcissist Time Cost Narcissus and his profit orientation

Anything that does not immediately yield maximum profits is discarded by Narcissus. Except maybe, it promises profit after a certain manageable investment. And profit in the calculus of the Narcissist is just everything that increases his reputation and wealth and provides him with appreciation and affection.

Apparently, appearance is much more than being. And he really appreciates only those values that either have tangible material value or improve his image. The Narcissist only feels real satisfaction when he is even more successful than others.

Don Quixote and Sancho PansaHis elixir of life

Narcissus is very special and You have to treat him like that. To ensure the degree of treatment demanded, he surrounds himself with people who are absolutely loyal to him: his Ego-Extensions. For this he needs a whole bunch of personal lackeys who carry his botty and release him from the annoying burdens of everyday life. And he has a very sure instinct to track those minions down among hundreds of thousands. For example in form of a butler or a personal assistant. If necessary a willing and docile spouse on some children on the drip of his money.


The Narcissist and his needs

The Narcissus always likes to claim with utter conviction that he wants to be treated like any ordinary mortal. If somebody really did that, it would cause him quite terrible inconvenience. In fact of course, he assumes quite simply, that he, because he is of such a particular significance, is entitled to a unique treatment and certain privileges. He therefore places great emphasis on only being cared for, treated, served and advised by hand-picked top experts, no matter whether it is a lawyer, doctor, restaurant owner or God himself.

This very person may be an expert whom the Narcissus has just worshiped as a kind of demigod, however.

Holy SpiritHis life, a total work of art

The Narcissist is called. A chosen one. Every tiny molecule of his existence, everything he is doing (or not), any of his life expressions, his creation by nature, the composition of the total work of art that represents his life, and indeed, each and every single thought, no matter how insignificant, all this is permeated through and through by universal meaning.

Guided by his mission, he climbs the steps on the ladder of glory through achievement, Perfection and brilliance. Everything is part of the Great Throw, the Cosmic Concept, the Script that inevitably brings him closer to fulfilling his life's task step by step.

Incarnation of the world spirit

Cosmic PlanNarcissus is chosen

Narcissus is extraordinary. Not only because of his superior personality structure, but also because by his own admission he fulfills nothing less than "a cosmic mission on earth". However, that is in all modesty the vocation of the Narcissist: He is simple chosen. By a cosmic entity of whatever kind, about which nothing more is known. Which is, just for this very reason, a grandiose projection surface for any desired individual idea of salvation.

In any case, the Narcissist will most likely be one of the 144,000 chosen to be rescued by a fleet of alien starships from the planet Alpha Centauri shortly before the final demise of Earth. For this only happens to the few handpicked people who, as so-called evolutionary agents, have successfully completed an advanced level of evolution and thus have proved worthy to continue their existence.

Cosmic Mission Narcissus saves the world ...

We speak of all the countless and unspeakable cases, when Narcissus puts his foot in at almost every official occasion. The really embarrassing mistakes, by which he is attracted almost magnetically, while at the same time, the whole staff of helpless PR agents breathlessly hunting behind to come up with threadbare, but reasonably convincing explanations for his incredible boo boos. It is completely impossible to foresee all the misadventures into which a Narcissist can stumble. It is even more impossible, however, to directly inform the Narcissist that he has just been totally misbehaving. At least none of his advisors dares to do that. Even if it has been a diplomatic faux pas of a magnitude that makes the toughest bones in the political arena stagger. But the Narcissist always has an excellent reason for his behavior:

He just once has to save the world…

napoleon i bonaparte kaiser der franzosen 85ee22Narcissistic politicians

Basically, there's a little bit of do-gooder and world improver in all of us. Actually we all know  how it works. And it would be pretty easy if we only were in power. At any rate, we completely understood Machiavelli. But, compared with a real Narcissist, we are rather tiny lights. Because not only Narcissus is much more important than we are, but above all famous-infamous for vain escapades beyond any good taste.

The Short Man Syndrome

Especially among the world leaders we often meet a prototype that were already much talked about in ancient Rome: The Narcissist, who strives for great things not only because of his perceived inferiority, but because he actually has come out a little short from Nature. 

CometNarcissus, charisma and vocation

All of them, even those who are a little bit scientific, have one thing in common: They do earnestly rely on higher authorities. On divine inspiration or other well-known entities. On supposedly sound scientific evidence, more or less solid empirical values or simply on their own personal charisma and their vocation. And they have one shared foundation: Obviously, they can prove their own worth or the value of their guild only by a shaky compromise. Namely, by covering up the mistakes, they inevitably commit because they are, contrary to expectations, only humans, using every nasty trick in the book.

Nothing real great was ever done without Narcissus

The profession of a Narcissist: glamour & glory

NeroWherever performance is rewarded with fame and honor, power and money, the Narcissus reaches his full potential. Less for the sake of the matter itself than to shine with splendor and glory. Many professions seem so very attractive to him only because they offer a wide range of opportunities to earn more plus points and therefore get his money's worth. They become all the more attractive, the more they are surrounded with an aura of altruism. And with regard to any of these professions raises the question: which came first – the chicken or the egg?

Thus: Did the Narcissist create that job because he wanted to be powerful and important or did it seem so very attractive to him, because the related tasks, competences and responsibilities were somehow necessary for a harmonious co-existence of humans and their exercise promised power and significance?

Tutanchamun MaskNarcissists love beautiful facades

Narcissists love professions with beautiful facades: representative ornate, white coat and pinstripe suit, sumptuous cathedrals with baroque interiors and impressive glass facades. In short: the aristocratic-elitist flair, the powerful of the world are surrounding themselves with since immemorial times. He has a soft spot for galleries of any type, at least as long as he himself belongs to the elevated - and suppress his own personal agenda. For example, in the exercise of his duties of a priest. Because he rises above the rest of the common people, as the Narcissist deserves it, and is surrounded by a very special divine aura. He is a communicator between this world and the hereafter by the grace of God.

Religious doctrines are his specialty, especially if they are unsustainable in terms of logic and run totally counter to all common sense. Because when the faithful got lost in this labyrinth, the spiritual leader is the only one who knows the way out. 

narcissistic bossNarcissistic choice of profession

Narcissistic colleagues are hard to bear. This applies in a potentiated way for Narcissists in executive floors. It usually is hardly comforting for their employees to know that a real Narcissist has got bad karma because he is completely incapable of altruistic action. It may well happen that he acts superficially selflessly, but it is much more likely that he hides successfully behind the facade of a selfless altruist due to very pragmatic considerations. After all, that too is only a special kind of Narcissist - the do-gooder. A terrific helper with overreach.

Chess quandaryThe Narcissist is always right

If You then start to argue, he will surely do it for You, he will as sure as hell twist the word in Your mouth until You will be standing in front of the whole world like a complete idiot. Don‘t forget: The Narcissist is always right. Especially when he is completely wrong. He understands it in an almost scary way to put everyone else in the wrong. Nobody is so well versed in tickling the abysmally bad out of others, like the Narcissist. And somehow he always succeeds that it is You who, who finally has got a guilty conscience. 

KämpferNarciss - a fighter for the just cause

If he is convinced of something, then totally. And if he, five minutes later, is convinced of the exact opposite, then absolutely maximum. The Narcissist is a great fighter for the just cause. Whatever is fair, right now. A thoroughly fanatical bratwurst vegetarian. But if it is opportune, he converts without any resistance to the opposing party. Depending on what seems more beneficial to the salvation of his soul. Christianity is a great deal, but 72 virgins are not to be despised either.

When it comes to foie gras, You could still be inclined to dismiss it as a harmless quirk.

It might be really thrilling when confronted with an upside-down double agent, hiding a nuclear bomb in his carry-on baggage. But no matter what dilemma he is in, he somehow manages, to wind himself out again and even to prove right in the end.

infallible - quack doctor selling remediesThe Narcissist is infallible

Naturally only the others are black, evil and negative. The Narcissist himself is white and good, of course. He has no mistakes. He does not make any. And for the exceptionally unlikely case that he should be caught in the event of a mistake, it's probably someone else fault. He himself has only been a pitiable victim of the circumstances, but can in no way be made responsible for anything.

This applies in the same way to all other adversities of life. If confronted with unattainable requirements, he is unfortunately prevented, for example due to hypochondriac attacks. The level of their severity is directly related to the dimension of the respective requirement. In conflicts, he trys to escape into all available excuses in a fast gallop, even if they are more translucent than threadbare. And when nothing helps, attack is the best form of defense - take the bull by the horns!

Street art BerlinThe Narcissist collects pluses ...

The Narcissist is a passionate collector. In addition to symbols, trophies and minuses for everyone else. Any of his seemingly innocent actions is basically just a loan application for even more pluses. The accumulation of plus points is, so to speak, the main content of his life. Because all his senses and energy serve only one ultimate goal:

PuzzleNarcisstic Puzzle

Narcissus presents his audience only carefully selected information bits, which are usually purely symbolic. He simply understands that best. This way he can always respond flexibly in case of doubt. He represents what You have to have in a certain context. Or what You have to do when You're a real insider and stay in close social contact with the most important personalities ever and worldwide. May others construct a whole from this puzzle by themselves. We are humans, we just do that. At least until the radiance of the Narcissist fades and his facade crumbles.

On AirNarcissus and the spirit of his mission

A Narcissist actually does not have any private life. Regrettably, family members, friends, peers and work colleagues, so all persons, who share their lives, more or less voluntarily don‘t have any private life as well. This is mainly because the Narcissist does not like to be lonely in front of his mirror. A grandiose existence needs a wide audience. Witnesses, fan communities, followers, disciples and admirers of all kinds. His live is a perpetual, great spectacle with free entry for all. He is, so to speak, always on the air.

Opera Graz The Narcissus Show

You can buy happiness

You can buy happiness. For example in form of the styles and status symbols You currently own or wear. And when You have climbed the Hall of Fame and are on of the top ten Narcissists in Your discipline, You simply define the styles and status symbols one currently owns or wears. This makes it easy to generate a convincing ego-avatar and constantly re-pump it.

SchafherdeNarciss creates his own Reality

Bumps of reality and the meaning of life

At all times Narcissists found enough followers to share around him pious as lambs and they have always allowed themselves to be taken to the slaughterhouse without much resistance. What were their motives? Well, some of them did it for power and recognition, others craved for subjection and protection, for safety and security, for shelter, the idea of a harmonious beautiful ideal world and some real great things as the meaning of life.

commandment 1431061 640Narciss and his godlike nature

The Narcissist loves rules. But only those he has issued himself. And those that make it clear to others once and for all times how he wants to be treated by them. Rules that he did not make himself are a hollow words. Unless of course, when he sees the glimpse of an opportunity to gain an advantage. In this case he will not be afraid to sue them on the spot. Rules that benefit him he loves in any way.

Because of his godlike nature, which quite inevitably results from his particular closeness to God (who, if he would not exist, would be instantly created by him personally), he is truly convinced of his moral claim to set up rules and, if necessary, enforce them with might and main.

Narcissus and his moral mission

O Holy St. Florian,

please spare my house,

set fire to another one!“

The piety inherent in the thundery prayer is best enjoyed melting on Your tongue. But if You concern Yourself earnestly with the actual meaning of the word "piety", it even becomes increasingly cheerful. Just take the German term for piety - „Frömmigkeit“. It is derived from the Old High German "fruma", which means as much as "advantage" or "benefit". Frömmigkeit is, strictly speaking, behavior that appears useful in a certain context.

friend or enemy?Narcissus and the Laws of nature

A Narcissus paid attention to You? That is already more than You can expect in this life. And it probably will not be beneficial to You. Unless, of course, You are willing to submit to him unconditionally. But never expect recognition or esteem, because so much attention is entirely reserved for the Narcissist himself.

He is the only one who deserves a place in the first row. He or at best maybe his ego extensions. This is a law of nature and he will defend it with the machete. And he will ever give You a more than a clear indication that You have to join the end of the queue.

Who is not in league with him, is an enemy

The Narciss, a Transformer - from Saul to Paul

When the Narcissist finally comes to power, whether with or against the tide, there is only one question left that really matters to him: How can he, now in office and dignity, handle uncomfortable outsiders and rebells? Since nowadays simply assassinating political opponents or critics is frowned upon. Throughout history the so-called heat-death, better known as killing by hugging, has more and more proved to be successful: The Narcissus generously grants his enemies access to his sanctuary and makes them converts in a jiffy. If they only are ambitious, they mutate within a short time from Saul to Paul and eventually become more Catholic than the Pope.

16783683485 767f2a8d2e qGive a Narciss power and he will abuse it

Narcissus follows an extremely prosaic logic: Give him power and he will abuse it. Romantic ideas and idealism do not exist in his extremely pragmatic world of imagination. At best maybe as a battle concept. If he considers it useful in the context of his strategy, he can, of course, pretend absolutely convincingly to be the greatest idealist. But once he's in power, he does not even pretend anymore. The Narcissist finds it more honest, somehow. And in a way it is, indeed. Because for him, it is actually completely incomprehensible that others may not think focused on the benefits to such an extent as he does. But it is not that the Narcissist has lost faith in the good. Such thing as "good" is alien to him. Good is simply another term for "benefit". This is because he does not like abstract things. Love for example. He just cannot see the concrete benefit.

Ernst Haeckel The History of Creation 1868Surviving in the jungle

It would be pretty mean now and all too cheap to claim that Narcissus is a direct descendant of the monkey. Of course that is not the case. It's just that in infancy he was either suffocated with monkey-love or grew up lonely as Mowgli in the jungle of civilization. As a result, he just missed a few steps in development. A few, admittedly, not insignificant steps. For example the lesson on how interpersonal relationships works. That's why he falls back on information stored in their reptilian brain in unclear situations. You have to know that for the Narcissists all situations are in a sense somehow unclear. Especially if there are other people involved. If You understand that, it's basically pretty easy to deal with the Narcissist. You just have to master the basics of Ape management.

Hieronymus Bosch The Last JudgementThe good, the bad and Narcissus

Anyway, at that time the world was pretty simple: Those, who belonged to the pack, were the good, from the point of view of the pack boss. Those, who did not let themselves be monkeyed or did not belong, for whatever reason, were the bad guys. Because every pack, for some unknown reason, always believes it is the best of all packs. This can sometimes be dangerous for opposing packs. For example, if a pack is dissatisfied, the leader must somehow calm the general grumble and otherwise compensate for his shortcomings.

pharao Tutanchamun Mask godThe beginnings of politics and polity

Humans generally like to pretend that Homo sapiens is more advanced than its primate relatives, and in general, than all the other mammals. However, this is not the case. Because everything that has actually become more complex is the real life out there. The human being itself not really.

An excursion into history: God is a Narcissus

Earlier, in ancient Egypt, the pharaoh was the chief Narcissist. The pharaoh was a secular ruler and god at the same time. In those days everything was still pretty easy. Insubordination was simply deadly. That's why there were no critics at all. Already the slightest suspicion of only a hint of disagreement called the Narcissist's henchmen on the scene.

Graz Opera stageAll he needs is a stage to shine

The Narcissus loves public appearances at meetings, fairs, musicals ... It does not really matter what kind of content. The main thing is that he can show his self-made ego in detail. Every stage is right for his well-rehearsed productions. Narcissists are quite often fascinating people. The most dazzling personalities and the weirdest birds – these are under warranty Narcissists.

Often they are very charming at first glance. Though on the second not really likable. Except of course for the Co-Narcissist, but more about that later. Narcissists are good entertainers.

Ape leader managementNarcissus and the basics of ape management

We are talking about that distant time, when the upper monkey still drummed on his chest, bared his teeth and chattered loudly to impress his monkey herd. Back then, when the lower-ranked ones were smart enough to mime subordination, while at the same time taking any opportunity to saw the legs of the executive‘s chair. This, obviously, lies in the genes of alpha animals.

The leader rallied the most attractive females around him and those were usually quite willing to do so, because they could thus improve or consolidate their position in the pack.

320px Mercedes Benz W121Narcissus and his strategies 

The Narcissist is an alpha animal. So far for theory. In practice, the Narcissist, regrettably, comes up with gamma or delta qualities at his best in most cases . That's why he developed different survival strategies in the course of evolution. Above all, these tools serve him to cover up the objectively rather serious discrepancies between what he is in fact and what he would like to be, as elegant and efficient as possible. One of these is, for example, impression management: