Narcissus and Psyche - Pig fliesNarcissists - 20 golden rules: 6 - 14

  1. Never come up with a comment, which could call into question his ego, his omnipotence and omniscience, his infallible judgment, his ability or professional success. Always remember, bad sentences start with "You made a mistake..."

  2. Never mention the fact that You are an independent, autonomous individual. Do not even think about it. Bow to the inevitable and consider Yourself as his Ego-Extension, whose raison d'être is merely to assure him of his grandiosity.

  3. If the Narcissus is in conflict-mode, get out of his way for at least two days (Better: The rest of Your life, but that is unfortunately usually not practicable). Because there are good chances that he has found another victim until then, as he must let off steam very prompt.

  4. Do not even think about the absurd idea to play spurious games with him. The Narcissist masters the art of playing games even better. Finally, he determines the rules.

  5. Do not cherish any illusions: You can not capture or change Your Narcissist. Of course, You can pile up a mountain of arguments and thus try to make him aware of his behavior. You can scream, scratch or bite just as well. The Narcissist will only turn away enervated, or maybe offer You an armistice agreement, so that You finally leave him alone. But only to mock Your childish behavior at the earliest opportunity. Nothing is as relative as the state of truce with a Narcissist and never forget: In the end You are always the bad guy!

  6. Harmony You will search in vain when You are in a relationship with a Narcissist. Even if he assures You plausibly, that there is nothing that would mean more to him.

  7. Listen attentively to the Narcissist, even if You do not believe a word. Agree with him entirely. Occasional gestures and sounds of admiration never hurt. If You have any concerns or questions, take advantage of small breathing spaces in the text to accommodate those. Narcissus particularly appreciate it when petitioners present themselves stimulating, humorous, charming and submissive. Appeal to his sense for the unusual and his blossoming imagination, because he does not forgive You if You subchallenge or even bore him.

  8. Offer him something he does not get anywhere else. Always be well prepared and keep a well-stocked pantry ready with plenty of food for his Narcissistic needs. Because You will not remain to be the source of his need satisfaction for very long. If You ever were.

  9. Take over the role of his dealer. Do not hesitate to get him everything that satisfies his Narcissistic needs. He is addicted to the drug, so You can easily get him hooked and finally make him completely dependent on You. That, however, that makes it a bit harder later to go on the run, if You have had enough someday.