Freud SofaIs Narcissism treatable?

Life offers many opportunities of personal development. The Narcissist, however, does not use any of them. Ordinary people can be protected from themselves to a certain degree. A genuine Narcissist not at all.

The Narcissus does not want to be helped. Counseling is for normal mortals. He knows how life works. Therapy? He is not sick. So he does not need a cure either. After all, he has got no psychological strain. The others do. The Narcissist at best insists, that his hypochondriac ailments are alleviated and, if necessary, physical defects, such as aging, are being repaired.

But sometimes it may happen to him that, because of his incompatible personality structure, his social environment and his livelihood get lost. Then, at least from a certain age onward, he might feel a little uncomfortable. To be precise, it is increasing PANIC.

What to do if the elixir of life runs dry?

Loss of social environment and livelihood lead to a deficit situation with regard to his elixir of life: The constantly babbling sources of Narcissistic need satisfaction are in danger of drying up. In this case it can in fact happen that Narcissus might force himself to go into the repair mode. However, exclusively with really tried-and-trusted luminaries. Even in the face of the greatest despair, the best is just good enough for a Narcissist.

At least until he scratches off the paint on the surface. Because he scents potential attacks on his person three miles against the wind. Even if the other person does not intend anything bad at all. The Narcissist himself is his very best enemy and critic, even if he does not notice, but is trying to blame others for all his evil thoughts.

But that's not a big deal for a tried-and-trusted luminary, because the real Narcissus is irreparable anyway. The selected expert can just lean back with a good conscience, look out the window and twiddle his thumbs. At best, it comes down to a few visual corrections on the facade. That's why the job of a luminary would be unbearable without a decent dose of narcissism…