AllisvanitySic transit gloria mundi: Thus passes the Glory of the World

With increasing age, however, the charisma of the Narcissist decreases significantly, unless he is rich, powerful and important. Then his charisma also decreases, but not the radiance of his function, power or money. This is mainly due to the fact that ordinary mortal fellow human beings, in contrast to him, do gain some life experience and can no longer be dazzled by the Narcissist's outer splendor to the same degree. 

In addition, even Narcissists are subject to a natural aging process, even if they stubbornly deny that in general and work against time with all conceivable means. Unfortunately, not a single case is known in which Botox and Scalpel have contributed to more salvation and charisma. 

Life is not funny!

The Narcissist is rarely very happy with life, but for him that's no reason to question himself. Because for everything that goes wrong, others are responsible anyway.

Although Narcissus basically implies that others envy him for being so great, his existence is not really better or even more funny than the life of ordinary people. Just a lot more exhausting. Not only does he have to keep pretending how much fun he has in his dull life (definitely more than anyone else), somehow he has to convince everyone else, that he does really have more fun than anyone else. And, moreover, it is damn hard to keep Your ego up to date and constantly prove to Yourself that You're a valuable person.

The only advantage of his life actually is that he could lead a carefree life basically, because, due to its exploitative nature, he usually understands very well to accumulate money. But the Narcissist has completely different concerns. Especially when he sometimes gets a glimpse of the real reality and is becoming aware, that wealth, power and reputation do not make him any happier. All of this is dripping from his shiny shell, but unfortunately does never arrive in his innermost self. He remains empty as ever and starves to death before the dazzling mirage that he himself has created.