Karl Lagerfeld & ChoupetteTwo dominant Narcissists, can that really work?

What, if both of them are dominant Narcissists? That’s absurd! Could there be another sun next to the only one in our solar system? Or maybe a second god beside the Almighty? That would inevitably lead to a schism. Or to a pole shift. In any case, a veritable catastrophe with completely unpredictable consequences.

A fusion of two hardcore Narcissists can not work out, of course. Except maybe in an extramarital relationship and even then only temporarily, because one of them always must to be up.

It is much more likely that such a connection will be fatal to at least one of the partners. This constellation would be conceivable at best if both of them expected a considerable gain in prestige and wealth thereof. In addition, it would be questionable whether the Narcissistic partner would be available as uterus, which would be rather essential, for example, for heirs of a kingdom. Presumably only if the offspring is agreed profitably in the marriage contract or would otherwise significantly improve the personal status.

Aging Narcissus

The Narcissist becomes even more embarrassing with age. The amazing thing about it is: Only the other participants in real life take notice of that fact. He does not. At Young age, the Narcissist is a welcome guest at parties. He usually is somehow good-looking and distinguishes mainly through charm and eloquence. And if he is not handsome, he compensates by ostentatiously displayed education, status, achievement, wealth or extreme merriment. Anyway, he likes the world revolve around him and is always available for a great show interlude.

Salsa dancing Narcissus for example mentions his hobby quite incidentally. You do not have to ask him twice to teach all present ladies how to dance salsa. An orally oriented Narcissus, on the other hand, stands out through a skillful exploration of his counterparts intellectual inclinations and then and subsequently spins a verbal cocoon of delicate filaments around his victim. The less sensitive Narcissus, a very common representative of his species, is a tireless joke teller. The only chance to bear such self-proclaimed jesters in the circle of friends, consists in the grace of selective forgetfulness: If the joke teller follows a strict routine and delivers the same repertoire as ever with at best minor variations, You can laugh again every time.