relationshipThe Co-Narcissist - a pouting rebel

The Co-Narcissist could, yes. If only he wanted. But for what? Besides, the Narcissist does not let him anyway. Which means if something goes wrong he is to blame for it. One day the others will understand that, too. Until then he just contents himself with a few sparks of the Narcissist’s radiance.

After all, not everything a Narcissist does is bad. And because the Co-Narcissist always feels a little smaller than he actually is, he often hides his light under a bushel. His modesty makes him quite sympathetic. At least, he's not such a big-mouthed actor as Narcissus and never blurts straight.

He prefers to show a deliberate understatement and to express his pride rather ironically. Unless, of course, one day the right moment might come. But that is, however, somewhat theoretical.

The relationship of a Narcissist to his Co-Narcissist can best be imagined similar to that of a master to his tiny dog: tail-wagging puppy is chasing for goodies, but the sausage on the fishing rod hangs just so high that peewee misses it. The very moment when it does actually reach the treat is the crowning glory of his deplorable way of life.

As long as the Co-Narcissist has got the impression, that Narcissus cares for him well he can see his situation in golden light persistently. But if the Narcissist gives him a kick (which is, by the way, one of Narcissus' favorite pastimes), the illusion of splendor and glory collapses like a house of cards. Whensoever. That's why the Co-Narcissist is busy most of the time. There still remains so much to hone and to tinker in his ideal wonder world. 

When both are dominant - can that really work?

The constellation Narcissus and Co-Narcissist can be found quite often with old couples. Since by the time You can hardly distinguish: Who actually is Narcissus and who of both is the Co-Narcissist?