Narcissit and Co-NarcissistNarcissist & Co - a Perfect Fusion

The Co-Narcissist is the doer in secrecy, the puppeteer who pulls the strings, the great manipulator behind the scenes that makes Narcissus appear gloriously on any stage like a deus ex machina. 

At least that's what he wants to be. Because he suffers from the Ideal World Syndrome and therefore transfigures his Narcissist to an idol. Narcissus finally owns everything that he himself lacks. Yes. Even his worst mistakes, of which he thinks he has got only too many, are ennobled to glorious merits by the mere presence of a Narcissist. His little world will only gain a touch of perfection when he merges to a perfect unity with his Narcissist.

Which rarely succeeds in real life.

Disappointment will soon follow hot on the heels of failure and therefore is about as devastating as his illusions about the tremendous opportunities that could arise from the merger.

But what actually moves the Co-Narcissist? Is he a masochist? Or for whatever reason on earth does keep company with a Narcissist? Well, You have to imagine it this way:

Narcissus is the sun around which the Co-Narcissist revolves. Everything good he does to his idol will pay back to himself as by magic. Just take for example the appendages of our icons from the glamorous world of celebrities: A nothing before. During this time an asterisk. Afterwards, with a little luck, a star. Later: Very often an aging wannabe-diva.

Non-existence for love

In the relationship with a Narcissist, the Co-Narcissist, more or less pouting, enters the subordinate position. At least for the moment. In rare cases, the Co-Narcissist chooses a being in non-existence for love. Even more often, however, he fancies himself in the role of the defiant rebel, who is always underestimated, and that's why he likes to behave quite offended and disadvantaged towards Third.