AndroidThe ideal Co-Narcissist

The ideal Co completes the Narcissist perfectly and represents everything he needs most in the current phase of life. His or her main role is to shine as a decorative accessory besides Narcissus, who urgently requires someone to carry his botty behind him and otherwise stands out through servility which borders on nonexistence. 

That's what most celebrity marriages fail to do. If, for example, the accessory suddenly suddenly forces itself into the limelight and neglects its duties towards the Narcissist. The perfect solution would be an individually programmable Android anyway. As in the miraculous story of E.T.A. Hoffmann, which happened at those days when women were systematically breeded to be Co-Narcissists, which was the case about until the middle of the 20th century:

Nathanael visits beautiful Olimpia and chats with her. He really appreciates that she is such a she is a very good listener. He talks and she always nods very friendly and encouraging. He finally feels understood and loved. Nathanael makes a proposal to her and Olimpia's dad is very fond of this connection. But then, while dancing, the machine breaks down. Nathanael falls mad. The persons present greatly regret the poorest and demand that the construction of such dolls should be banned. Because she is so lifelike that You do not realize it. And that is cheating after all, isn’t it? 

The need of reproduction

Offspring is important to the Narcissist. Because it increases the number of potential Ego-Enhancements almost without own intervention. Unfortunately, bio-technology is not yet advanced enough. Otherwise the Narcissist would prefer to be cloned to preserve the species. Simply because there are no inferior genes involved.

A Cyborg would be even better. This idea is very fascinating to a Narcissist, because Cyborgs are absolutely perfect. Almost better than himself. If You could only get rid of the flesh, then You would really be autonomous. And invulnerable. Because vulnerability would be neutralized. Such a Cyborg is completely reduced to its function and everything about him can be repaired. He is strong, efficient and much more productive than human beings. Economically optimized in every respect and thus the godlike ideal of the Narcissist. Fortunately the need of biological reproduction is basically obsolete today. It dates from around that time when life was short and deadly. That's why You needed multiple backups of Yourself at those days: Every time You crash in real life, You could reinstall and restart from new.