Stan and OllieInseparable – the Narcissist & his co

The two are happy to make a couple because they complement each other perfectly. There are some items that connects them intimately to each other: The exaggerated need for recognition, a lack of self-esteem, their twisted logic, the non-existent perception and the high art of defense mechanisms. Otherwise, they would not be able to spend more than three days together. The Narcissist and his partner are definitely on one wavelength - that one of the Narcissist.

From his point of view, there is only one relevant criterion of evaluation for everything that others do or leave: His own needs. Somehow he suspects that other people have different needs than he has. That's just why he is the way he is. He does not find it logical and certainly not convincing that the needs of others deviate from his own.

Why should, what is good for him, not be good for others as well? That's why he is throughout his life tirelessly striving to sell his own needs to others as if they were their own. Which does not necessarily make him a good marketing expert.

Mirror Mirror

The ideal partner for a Narcissist is a mirror, who shows him whatever he wants to be. In this respect a human counterpart has certain advantages in contrast to a mirror. First of all, the other should see him the way he wishes to be. If the other sees him the way he wishes to be, then he must be like that in fact. Even if the other only sees him that way in the dizziness of his blind infatuation through his or her pink glasses.

The Co-Narcissist loves the Narcissist very much. Mostly too much. In exchange he gets love from the Narcissist. Well, let's say: something like love. But only if the Co-Narcissist constantly confirms that the Narcissist really is whatever he wants to be. The fact that he will never be like that doesn’t worry him a lot. The partner, however, should bid farewell to all his self-realization projects. He from then on is not just the one he had been before. If he ever was anything.