Don QuixoteThe greatest fear of a Narcissist: To be Nothing

Anyone who knows Narcissus a little bit better will sometimes find himself peculiarly touched by the fact, that he does not really know him. And probably will never really get to know him. Because there is nothing to get to know. Besides, the Narcissist does not want others to get to know him. Because getting to know each other is accompanied by such awful things as proximity.

There is hardly a better small talker than the Narcissist. He likes to chat, but without any further obligation. He likes to tell jokes and anecdotes and he loves to share gossip about others. But he does not reveal anything about himself. There is a simple reason for that:

There is nothing to tell. Really nothing at all. 

Narcissus has a dazzling shell. He's kind of a quantum cyclotron. An artificial atom without a nucleus. Artificial, because of his dazzling facade, which, is so to speak, created out of nothing.

This ultimately makes him a tragic figure in the drama of real life. A Baron Munchhausen, who pulls himself out of the swamp on his own head. A Don Quixote who fights against imaginary enemies - the windmill wings. Of course, this also includes a Sancho Panza at his side, who follows him faithfully everywhere. His ego extension, the Co-Narcissist. It could just as well be a pocket pooch.

Partnership: You want it, too!

The Narcissist acts according to the motto:

All is fair in love and war.

Which is also due to the fact that such peculiar affairs as partnership, closeness or even trust are generally strange to him. A little bit like war. Because basically he does not trust anyone. Least of all himself. Nevertheless, the Narcissist enters into relationships. Preferably with a Co-Narcissist, for several obvious reasons...