clownDo Narcissists possess a sense of humor?

There are moments in life that can only be mastered successfully if You are able to refrain from laughing. For example, as a funeral director or professional politician. In fact, sometimes You are even better off if You don#t possess any sense of humor. Then You never have to hide laughing and all the world thinks, You are probably very intelligent and above all so confident. In this case the Narcissist has a clear advantage.

No matter which field he devotes himself to, he does it with relentless gravity. Narcissists can provide something similar to humor. However, self-irony is rather rare and, if there is one, it pursues only one goal: the strengthening of one's own ego.

For all intents and purposes, irony is a nice thing. If You master it, real life becomes a bit more bearable. And not only life becomes more bearable, but also oneself – for others and of course for oneself as well. 

Humor as means of proximity prevention

Narcissus has discovered a special kind of irony: he uses irony as a mace to kill reality. And as an instrument to prevent such ghastly things as proximity. He is one of the representatives of that species, who is usually stepping badly on the toes of others nonchalant and so to speak in passing by, then jovially asks: "Can't You take a joke?"

For the rather devious case, that he should take a piss on himself, he naturally expects that the others immediately contradict him and immediately assure him that he is basically a fine guy and not that bad. Or that they envy him for that. Because, in addition to all the other indisputable advantages, such as wit and eloquence, he also has the admirable ability to laugh at himself. Even humor is therefore ultimately only a part of the box of the Narcissist. But what is the aim of the exercise? Right! Collect points on his account for it. And points yield interest. In the form of Narcissistic need satisfaction.

Yes, the Narcissist takes himself seriously. A lot. Even if he is sometimes the only one who (still) does that. In his unreflected self-reflection lies the whole weight of his existence. Lightness is an unbearable annoyance to him. His existence is simply too meaningful for that. Besides, he's too busy to deal with such mundane things. Mostly with Yourself. There is little room for humor.