Chameleon Narcissus and the real kind

However, among those aliens there are often influential decision-makers of our society who hold important functions. That's why the increasing misunderstanding for the real life, whose destinies they are governing, is a trifle fatal for the real kind. And above all, an almost inexhaustible source of mistakes.

Reality really exists

That explains why mistakes are not the exception in our system but the rule. And that in turn explains why the dissatisfaction of ordinary mortals with the aliens is continually increasing. And that in turn is just one more reason for the aliens to avoid the world of the real kind. But in the end this doesn’t change a not completely unimportant fact on our planet:

Reality really exists.

Act as if...

Now, one might assume that we, the ordinary people, are the pseudo-type and the Narcissist is the real kind. For the simple reason, because he would like to make us believe that and therefore invests a lot of persuasive power. But that's not really the case. Really not.

The Narcissist understands only blindingly, to adorn himself with the nimbus of the real kind. And in fact he may be the more original of the species, but evolution is characterized by the fact that species develop further. Somehow. Lets say in a sense progressive. Not backwards. For example, with regard to intelligent cultural techniques and a differentiated repertoire of behaviors and manners. 

But instead the Narcissist has exceptionally shrewd instincts. Especially lower ones. And somewhere in the shoals of his reptilian brain there is something like a faint idea that there might be some deficits compared to the real species. And, because of his very special structure, he might not be as compatible with real life. Still, he prefers to consider the real nature as weird specimens of a strange species and rejects the idea that even for most others he himself might seem like a weird specimen of a strange species. Anything else would fundamentally question his own existence and therefore should not be thought of at all.

He likes to fall back on a corny joke from the bag of tricks of Mother Nature which is old as the hills: the mimicry. The Narcissist simply pretends to be a very special example of the real species. And we are still talking about the species, which is so essentially alien to him. He tries to imitate it in its interpersonal expressions deceptively real.

This is his – almost perfect – camouflage, his survival strategy: He simply fakes or imitates anything in the real life of the real kind. Even such odd things as for example expressions of emotions. Thus, if the Narcissus sends out signals of love, that is not an authentic self-expression, but in a certain sense a pirated copy.