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If a Narcissist climbs the show stage, it may well be because he is gifted. In fact this case is quite rarely. His mere gift usually is his extraordinary talent to compensate his lack of talent through excessive ambition.

His Narcissistic structure is reciprocally proportional to his talent, competence and expertise according to the simple formula:

The less talented, the more Narcissistic.

And vice versa: The more Narcissistic, the more pronounced the tendency to self-expression. The Narcissist catapults himself with all his might in the limelight, if only through polemics and agitation, provocation and scandals. Narcissistic role models are highly infectious. That is why narcissism is pandemic in our society. But after all the registers of Narcissistic self-portrayal have already been drawn, the society for its part exerts enormous pressure on the Narcissist: they literally force him to top it all. And that can only succeed when the factor “appearance” is gradually increased. Instead of reality.

Narcissists live in a fake world. On another planet, so to speak. Without any contact to real life. In a virtual reality, staged by the media. The Narcissists form a unique species on this planet. Or rather a pseudo-type.

Narcissus, an incompatible pseudo-type

Unfortunately, there is no extra Narcissist planet in real life. So we are forced to share our existence with this pseudo-type. The aliens are not that far away. They are in our midst.

Above all, the aliens are characterized by their complete inability to understand us, the real species. But somehow they have to communicate with us. Because after all they need us. As an audience, as extras, minor roles and courtiers. They do need counselors as well. People who tell them how real life works and how to communicate with ordinary mortals. They need press officers smoothing their major bugs, nannies, bodyguards and agents.

But they are, unfortunately, not only completely resistant to advice, but, to make matters worse, primarily guided by he pursuit of their very own needs and interests. So they surround themselves with virtual certainty not with really competent consultants, but with manipulators hungry for money, media and power, yes-tellers, bootlickers and schmoozers, fawning suitcase porters, who flatter the Narcissistic ego and, by all imaginable means, ensure that he drifts further away from real life.