320px Graz Opernhaus Zuschauerraum Blick zur BühneNarcissus and the drama link

Real life is hell. It basically consists of sleeping, eating and working, eating, sleeping and working etc. Occasionally sex. In random order. Some people can even get along completely without work or sex. 

True Narcissists can’t stand this paradisaical state for more than three days without falling into a deep depression. Therefore, they found a little but very effective trick to sweeten banality.

They have a kind of dramatic link in their minds: When life gets too boring and trivial, they just turn reality around more or less. It's almost a bit like performing magic.

The life of normal people is terribly banal, but the life of the Narcissists is what lurks behind the door at Sartre: the nameless horror. The Narcissist only achieves his inner balance when a certain feeling of his significance takes shape. But in the face of real life and its cruel banality this condition rarely lasts. And usually significance is connected only to the function of a person or maybe to his wealth, rather seldom to his ability or personality.

Addicted to the spotlight

The Narcissist does not differentiate between person and function. He enjoys his existence on stage, but without audience and applause, life is just a stale plonk. A disgusting, tenacious, stubborn thing that sticks to You like a pigeon's shit. A single everlasting gray, monotonous, bland, desolate, empty, forgiven, vain, deadly depression, interrupted only by the occasional flicker of the headlights. 

The Narcissist is addicted to limelight. He actually suffers from withdrawal symptoms when the spots are not focused on him. Especially when nothing happens in his real life, really nothing at all. If not even his followers on Twitter dedicate a shitstorm to him. An existence in dreary banality – that is hell for the Narcissist.