The Narcissist and his needs

The Narcissus always likes to claim with utter conviction that he wants to be treated like any ordinary mortal. If somebody really did that, it would cause him quite terrible inconvenience. In fact of course, he assumes quite simply, that he, because he is of such a particular significance, is entitled to a unique treatment and certain privileges. He therefore places great emphasis on only being cared for, treated, served and advised by hand-picked top experts, no matter whether it is a lawyer, doctor, restaurant owner or God himself.

This very person may be an expert whom the Narcissus has just worshiped as a kind of demigod, however.

If the person in question should disappoint or frustrate him (which usually does not depend on the performance, competence or quality of this person, but exclusively on the Narcissist’s form and mood of the day) he or she will be pushed from his pedestal as obsolete and brushed aside without much further ado. And from now they can completely be sure to lose their good reputation and dignity in free fall.

I am important!

Isn’t it comforting to know that the cosmic scale is the only thing out there really matters? At all adversities. 

Everyday life, this real life, which is only an annoying routine of the narrow-minded human world, is not only completely meaningless, but mostly usually even just a hindrance. Because it distracts from the essential. All that counts below the line is just one thing:

Narcissus is a benefactor of humanity and therefore he deserves a privileged treatment!

But what is the actual mission of the Narcissist in the world? Behind all the fuss? Well, he just wants to make sure all the time and over and over again that the picture he has painted of himself in so many years of subtle work, is really true. And for that reason he needs other people. But only those who constantly confirm to him what he basically knows anyway:

I am important. I am powerful and great. And I am very special!