Holy SpiritHis life, a total work of art

The Narcissist is called. A chosen one. Every tiny molecule of his existence, everything he is doing (or not), any of his life expressions, his creation by nature, the composition of the total work of art that represents his life, and indeed, each and every single thought, no matter how insignificant, all this is permeated through and through by universal meaning.

Guided by his mission, he climbs the steps on the ladder of glory through achievement, Perfection and brilliance. Everything is part of the Great Throw, the Cosmic Concept, the Script that inevitably brings him closer to fulfilling his life's task step by step.

Incarnation of the world spirit

Of course, the mission of the Narcissist justifies the application of all available assets and if it were sophisticated techniques to bend the law or just corruption. As he is a genius and the incarnation of the world spirit, he has got the natural right to to claim and capture everything and everyone for himself and his purposes.

His relationship to property and possession, including that of human beings, may therefore seem sometimes, well, let's say, difficult to understand? From the perspective of us mortals. But that is simply because we ordinary mortals are completely lacking the grandiose vision and the power of imagination to grasp the truly essential things in life.

Logic – that’s always the Narcissist’s point of view

The Narcissist is undoubtedly a rationalist. A pragmatist. His logic is unbeatable. If only his mindset would not always thwart itself. Unfortunately, the bearing is lost on the way occasionally. Because his conclusions are so often based on pure superstition and blind prejudice. Then even minimal adversities suddenly take the form of a fateful omen and hostilities, even if only suspected, transform into conspiracies. And, of course, everyone else has only one goal: to obstruct his efforts. Thus the proverbial fly on the wall can lead to explosive outbursts and a minute setback could culminate in an apocalyptic catastrophe.