CometNarcissus, charisma and vocation

All of them, even those who are a little bit scientific, have one thing in common: They do earnestly rely on higher authorities. On divine inspiration or other well-known entities. On supposedly sound scientific evidence, more or less solid empirical values or simply on their own personal charisma and their vocation. And they have one shared foundation: Obviously, they can prove their own worth or the value of their guild only by a shaky compromise. Namely, by covering up the mistakes, they inevitably commit because they are, contrary to expectations, only humans, using every nasty trick in the book.

Nothing real great was ever done without Narcissus

At any rate, the Narcissist is predominantly found in those occupational groups that are powerful and wealthy, have great prestige and a unique mission. He is a born Entertainer and basically reaches its highest level when he slips into his robe. Or in any other uniform that gives emphasis to his vocation. 

You usually meet Narcissus on the show stages of the world, in political circles, sports stadiums and fighting arenas all around the globe. Narcissus shines at all wherever hunting and stinging is a custom. In supervisory boards and financial centers, in cathedrals and in the temples of media professionals as well as in the headquarters of governments and military. In highest diplomatic circles and in very secret circles. In guerrilla movements and in the sphere of mafias

Narcissus circles like a comet on the horizon of the planet and in his tail he pulls countless busybodies and dependents, stars and asterisks behind him. And sometimes comets may even crash. With a lot of hullabaloo. But hearken: Wonders of the world, wars or financial crises – nothing real great was ever achieved without a Narcissist …