narcissistic bossNarcissistic choice of profession

Narcissistic colleagues are hard to bear. This applies in a potentiated way for Narcissists in executive floors. It usually is hardly comforting for their employees to know that a real Narcissist has got bad karma because he is completely incapable of altruistic action. It may well happen that he acts superficially selflessly, but it is much more likely that he hides successfully behind the facade of a selfless altruist due to very pragmatic considerations. After all, that too is only a special kind of Narcissist - the do-gooder. A terrific helper with overreach.

This facet is characterized mainly by a monstrous modesty which extends to a state of non-existence and a solicitousness, which mainly excels through the fact that nobody actually asked for it. The benevolent Narcissist always finds really good reasons for all those never requested relief actions and rescue operations which even seem to be reasonable at first glance. It does not make things much better that he himself does really believe to this good reasons. Would he help someone, just to manipulate him? What an absurd thought!

Give, and it will be given to You

This (almost) perfect selflessness extends to self-sacrifice. However, as if by a magician's hand, everything that he actually does for others benefits himself in the end. At least for the most part. Because even the Narcissist is not immune to terrifically misguided decisions, if only because he tends to misjudge realities in general.

Almighty, infallible and unique in his kind

So many have been raised far above the rest of humanity in appreciation for a life of privation and self-sacrifice from deepest charity. To mention but one example: Mother Theresa! But this only works if the life of this angelic being was even more privation-rich and more self-sacrificing than that of all known altruists and benefactors of humanity until now. And if it managed to attract the attention of the decisive authorities somehow. That resulted in a rich bonus on the account of plus points. Through canonization, for example, You will be rewarded with a place in the sun. Right next to God. For he is, so to speak, the icon of all Narcissists - almighty, infallible and truly unique in his very own way.

In former times the canonization has been about what the Oscar is today. An enormously high honor, which was unfortunately only handed over posthumous at those days. This is definitely too long to wait as Narcissists find nowadays. That is one reason why grandiose altruists and other benefactors of humanity have become very rare.