KämpferNarciss - a fighter for the just cause

If he is convinced of something, then totally. And if he, five minutes later, is convinced of the exact opposite, then absolutely maximum. The Narcissist is a great fighter for the just cause. Whatever is fair, right now. A thoroughly fanatical bratwurst vegetarian. But if it is opportune, he converts without any resistance to the opposing party. Depending on what seems more beneficial to the salvation of his soul. Christianity is a great deal, but 72 virgins are not to be despised either.

When it comes to foie gras, You could still be inclined to dismiss it as a harmless quirk.

It might be really thrilling when confronted with an upside-down double agent, hiding a nuclear bomb in his carry-on baggage. But no matter what dilemma he is in, he somehow manages, to wind himself out again and even to prove right in the end.

Simply because he pursues the final victory so stubbornly, that all others long ago hoist white flag and break down exhaustedly just before the finish. That's why he definitely has got the potential to go down in history as a hero.

All rosy in the garden?

Nobody masters the fading out of reality, also also known as repression, as brilliant as the Narcissist does. Only he has really internalized the old saying

"Do it like the sundial – just count the good hours!"

and may actually literally follow it. Whatever he dislikes, he ignores. That includes, for example, conflicts. It covers essentially everything as well, that could scratch his varnish. He masterfully understands how to give an elegant turn to conversations that take a threatening direction, either just past the subject on (for him) safe terrain or in form of a boomerang, which hits the attacker deadly by the skull. But do not grieve. In all likelihood, You are not even meant personally. The Narcissist probably ran a completely different warthog raced through his liver. You are just the fly on the wall and he instantly needs a valve.