infallible - quack doctor selling remediesThe Narcissist is infallible

Naturally only the others are black, evil and negative. The Narcissist himself is white and good, of course. He has no mistakes. He does not make any. And for the exceptionally unlikely case that he should be caught in the event of a mistake, it's probably someone else fault. He himself has only been a pitiable victim of the circumstances, but can in no way be made responsible for anything.

This applies in the same way to all other adversities of life. If confronted with unattainable requirements, he is unfortunately prevented, for example due to hypochondriac attacks. The level of their severity is directly related to the dimension of the respective requirement. In conflicts, he trys to escape into all available excuses in a fast gallop, even if they are more translucent than threadbare. And when nothing helps, attack is the best form of defense - take the bull by the horns!

Everything is relative

The Narcissist never acts only from the gut. All his behavior and pursuit are motivated by profound rational or noble moral considerations. Even if he created those philosophical constructs a few hours later to give more meaning to his words and actions. His brain is ethically fragmented: Moral principles that contradict each other are stored in completely independent areas so that there can be no collision between them. Of course, this equally applies to all other points of view that might trigger a conflict, as well as to antagonistic feelings. 

The Narcissist is therefore extremely flexible in his world views and extremely skilled in disguising his true intentions and attitudes. Even to himself. He chooses his point of view according to the perspective of the spectator of whom he most promises himself. Otherwise, his world view usually is a colorful bouquet of the most common beliefs that are currently en vogue in his reference groups. Substance is more of a hindrance. The effect counts. For example, if he enjoys the goodwill of an animal rights activist, he will vigorously vociferate against the production of goose liver. Which in no way prevents him from expressing his enthusiasm about the delicious foie gras at the joint dinner with a French business associate the following day.