Street art BerlinThe Narcissist collects pluses ...

The Narcissist is a passionate collector. In addition to symbols, trophies and minuses for everyone else. Any of his seemingly innocent actions is basically just a loan application for even more pluses. The accumulation of plus points is, so to speak, the main content of his life. Because all his senses and energy serve only one ultimate goal:

The satisfaction of his own needs.

That's why he always makes sure that his account is well filled with payback points. These points can be redeemed if necessary. And in return, for those points one will receive goods that serve one's own satisfaction of needs. That's quite easy - isn't it?

... and minus points for the others

On this account there is also booked the exhilarating feeling of envy and resentment in the eyes of others. In addition, the Narcissist scans every new acquaintance meticulously whether he can use them to his advantage. The key question is:

How many points does he or she earn?

Lots? Then he or she is accepted into the circle of friends and the next important question comes up: How can I commit this person to me? Therefore, he precautionary collects promissory notes with minus points for all people, who get into his closer orbit. For the day of revenge.

Black and white

Concerning his emotional range is, Narcissus is pretty colorblind. While ordinary people can distinguish a wide range of different emotional facets, Narcissus can only tell apart black and white, good and bad, plus and minus. Minus is defined by his point of view. Because he himself is always in plus. As long as we confirm that to him, we may expect to be illuminated by his sunny side. Should we, however somehow upset him, even if only by accident, the sky, which just has been bright blue, might darken very quickly.