PuzzleNarcisstic Puzzle

Narcissus presents his audience only carefully selected information bits, which are usually purely symbolic. He simply understands that best. This way he can always respond flexibly in case of doubt. He represents what You have to have in a certain context. Or what You have to do when You're a real insider and stay in close social contact with the most important personalities ever and worldwide. May others construct a whole from this puzzle by themselves. We are humans, we just do that. At least until the radiance of the Narcissist fades and his facade crumbles.

The Narcissus knows his followers inside out. By instinct. He appeals to the common taste and the expectations of his audience are quite familiar to him. And in the case that he should be wrong, which by the way is due to his misplaced perception of reality not infrequently the case, the high art of damage limitation is also part of his repertoire. Or let's say better: what he considers it to be.

The ego of the Narcissist and his image are one. A loss of reputation can therefore be fatal to him and must be prevented at all costs.

In terms of damage You can learn a lot from the Narcissistic. Regrettably, nothing that could be of lasting value in interpersonal relationships.

Dealing with mistakes

Why are we doing such strange things as self-expression and image-building?

Well, we collect positives from others. That just makes us feel good. As others like us, chances are rising that our needs will be met. So far so good. 

Unfortunately, the strategies of the Narcissist are too transparent and not very sustainable. Which is mainly because his repertoire of social behavioral patterns is pretty rudimentary. And because he generally thinks he's smarter than anyone else, but especially smarter than he actually is. You would therefore sometimes wish him some more sophistication in the execution of his subterfuges. Quite simply, because then it might be more entertaining for everyone else.