Opera Graz The Narcissus Show

You can buy happiness

You can buy happiness. For example in form of the styles and status symbols You currently own or wear. And when You have climbed the Hall of Fame and are on of the top ten Narcissists in Your discipline, You simply define the styles and status symbols one currently owns or wears. This makes it easy to generate a convincing ego-avatar and constantly re-pump it.

While the advanced Narcissus likes to create his own style, just to be celebrated as a style icon, the up-and-coming Narcissist tends to mimic his idols. This way he is definitely on the safe side and can demonstrate to the rest of humanity that he is one of them, too. Being "in" means being popular, and the popularity scale is one of the most important measuring instruments of the Narcissist. The higher You climb on it, the more recognition and appreciation You get. Your own identity behind the cool facade is not really of importance anymore. Main thing is, that the content of the message is perceived:

I'm super cool, I upstage everyone and I have everything under control!

Incidentally, among the symbols with which the Narcissist surrounds himself are people as well, the supernumeraries on the stage of his life. Without its symbols, without labels and luxury and of course the necessary small change to procure ever new replenishment of symbols, and especially without a stage on which he can present all this, the Narcissist is just a pitiful...


The show must go on

It is in the nature of mankind that he wants to leave a good impression on others. As regards of management by impression the Narcissist, however, is naturally talented. His declared goal is to elicit a constant and continuing interest. Thus he polishes his image until it suits his ideal and then presents it to us as a kind of virtual version of itself, an avatar. It usually consists of all that the Narcissist is not and never will be. And it can do everything he cannot and never will be able to. However, the Narcissist stages this legend so convincingly that he finally believes in it himself. The self-representation of the Narcissist has outwardly one or the other predetermined breaking point, due to its peculiarly distorted structure. And yet he can actually give the impression of a successful and self-confident personality over long distances.