friend or enemy?Narcissus and the Laws of nature

A Narcissus paid attention to You? That is already more than You can expect in this life. And it probably will not be beneficial to You. Unless, of course, You are willing to submit to him unconditionally. But never expect recognition or esteem, because so much attention is entirely reserved for the Narcissist himself.

He is the only one who deserves a place in the first row. He or at best maybe his ego extensions. This is a law of nature and he will defend it with the machete. And he will ever give You a more than a clear indication that You have to join the end of the queue.

Who is not in league with him, is an enemy

The use of brute force in general and machetes in particular nowadays hardly finds social acceptance, except maybe in a few regions of the world. Therefore, the Narcissist uses some more common methods to discipline heretics and apostates. Those who sow the wind and dare to question him, the great leader, will take the storm which means: Ridicule, cynicism, malice, criticism and devaluation.

As hard as he is in handing over, as sensitive he is to the criticism of others, true to his simple and brute motto of life:

Who is not in league with me, is an enemy!

A person, who challenges him for his place in the front row – how could he be a friend? Quite apart from that, that concept does not exist in his vocabulary anyways and if, at best as a combat strategy.

Religion and other pandemics

The Narcissus is a relic from prehistoric times. Thus, of course, his sense of humor is quite archaic and the most original form of humor is malicious joy, better known as „Schadenfreude“:

Funny is it only, when it hits others, not me. This is still evident today as a saying in the rural areas of my Bavarian homeland proves. It is a very well-known prayer all over the centuries and fervently pronounced in the face of an approaching thunderstorm:

„O Holy St. Florian,
please spare my house,
set fire to another one!“