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Narcissus follows an extremely prosaic logic: Give him power and he will abuse it. Romantic ideas and idealism do not exist in his extremely pragmatic world of imagination. At best maybe as a battle concept. If he considers it useful in the context of his strategy, he can, of course, pretend absolutely convincingly to be the greatest idealist. But once he's in power, he does not even pretend anymore. The Narcissist finds it more honest, somehow. And in a way it is, indeed. Because for him, it is actually completely incomprehensible that others may not think focused on the benefits to such an extent as he does. But it is not that the Narcissist has lost faith in the good. Such thing as "good" is alien to him. Good is simply another term for "benefit". This is because he does not like abstract things. Love for example. He just cannot see the concrete benefit.

Basically, the rest of humanity is mostly to busy, not to get under the wheels anyways. It therefore tends to preserve the existing conditions. Therefor it is very afraid that the Narcissist could come up with something new. Unless it is naive enough to believe that the high-ups there would act in the spirit of mankind.

Conservatives and progressives

The Narcissists who hold the power are actually always conservative. Which is in the nature of things, because they want to preserve the system. This is also why Narcissists, who are presently not in power, are actually always progressive. But, which is in the nature of things as well, they are firmly attached to the belief, that the power which others hold in their hands should under all circumstances be entitled to them.

Conservatives advocate strict hierarchies because they help them to cement the system. Progressives, on the other hand, smell morning air each time a movement (whichever) turns out to be powerful enough to blow up the system. They therefore hijack every moving train and sit down at its top. Just as if they had been there from the first hour. They use the favor of the hour to catapult themselves in office and dignity. The ameliorations, which come of it under the bottom line however, are often even worse for the rest of humanity than anything they have experienced so far.