Ernst Haeckel The History of Creation 1868Surviving in the jungle

It would be pretty mean now and all too cheap to claim that Narcissus is a direct descendant of the monkey. Of course that is not the case. It's just that in infancy he was either suffocated with monkey-love or grew up lonely as Mowgli in the jungle of civilization. As a result, he just missed a few steps in development. A few, admittedly, not insignificant steps. For example the lesson on how interpersonal relationships works. That's why he falls back on information stored in their reptilian brain in unclear situations. You have to know that for the Narcissists all situations are in a sense somehow unclear. Especially if there are other people involved. If You understand that, it's basically pretty easy to deal with the Narcissist. You just have to master the basics of Ape management.

The facade of civilization

You're probably wondering: But why did no one notice yet? Under all the bright minds in this world there must have been a few who noticed that and did something about it! Well, of course that has good reasons: That there are so many misunderstandings concerning Narcissistic persons, is partly because they no longer look like primates these days. Quite the reverse! They usually even look very neat, they behave rather well and appear to be quite civilized. And of course someone noticed. In the course of history, there were always movements and revolutions or secret societies and numerous do-gooders, who wanted to change the world. Occasionally with violence. The world is pretty imperfect. So there are always some people who are against it.

Revolutionaries, rebels and other fringe groups

We should not forget that the Narcissists, as different as they may appear, have one trait in common: they are constantly striving for recognition. The adjusted among them strive for the recognition of those who are powerful and important at present. The defiant after the recognition of revolutionaries, rebels and other rebellious fringe groups. Because they are defiant. In German: Trotzig. That's why we think it is rather funny, when they call themselves Trotskyists...

In any case, defiant Narcissists fundamentally oppose everything that even remotely stands in the way of the generally recognized authority, that is, the entire establishment, and, indeed, all suit and pearl string wearers. They therefore sympathize at random and completely indiscriminate with any social counter-movements and with all the oppressed, degraded or insulted.