pharao Tutanchamun Mask godThe beginnings of politics and polity

Humans generally like to pretend that Homo sapiens is more advanced than its primate relatives, and in general, than all the other mammals. However, this is not the case. Because everything that has actually become more complex is the real life out there. The human being itself not really.

An excursion into history: God is a Narcissus

Earlier, in ancient Egypt, the pharaoh was the chief Narcissist. The pharaoh was a secular ruler and god at the same time. In those days everything was still pretty easy. Insubordination was simply deadly. That's why there were no critics at all. Already the slightest suspicion of only a hint of disagreement called the Narcissist's henchmen on the scene.

Their mission was unequivocal: Eliminate any potential competitors for power from the God Emperor. A very well-proven method to the present day.

A little later, in the Middle Ages, things got a lot more complicated because both, the emperor and the pope were competing for the position of supreme Narcissist. And today, the global hewing and stinging between the vain fools that guide the destinies of our world is almost unmanageable. For the declared aim of the Narcissist is not to nibble just a little bit from the sweet nectar of power. No. He wants to climb the Olympus and immortalize himself in the Hall of Fame. And if possible at the top of the high score. Otherwize he is going to make it possible.

Power exerts an irresistible attraction on the Narcissist anyway. But power is, unfortunately, such a delicate, fragile thing and seldom of duration. Anyone, who owns power, always must fear, what almost inevitably follows, the powerlessness. Real life is not for cowards.

Let's go back a bit further in the history of mankind. Actually, in that time, just before there were fame halls and the history book had been invented. At that time, when Ape management still prevailed on Earth. It was, so to speak, the forerunner of impression management. That's how it all started …